What we do

Our extensive range of thyristor power controllers and monitoring equipment is geared to keep projects on-track and on-budget.

Businesses large and small will benefit from our products’ straightforward installation processes, which help initial manpower investment stay minimal. Following that, our accurate product operation streamlines time-spent monitoring and managing systems.

All our thyristor controls are equipped with intelligent technology – this is geared to allow easy use and remote viewing of system data and excellent information flow via integration with key operating systems. Password systems are also included, with an aim to further decrease the risk of human error.

In turn, project waste is further reduced because our thyristors are designed with economical power and energy use in-mind. Added to that, their spot-on performance greatly reduces ongoing costs for every business.

Where we do it: The industries we supply

CD Automation are based in the UK

Our products and applications can be found in vast and varied industries and businesses, including: automotive, defence, aerospace and transportation such as air, sea and rail; education establishments; food and beverage businesses; manufacturing operations such as glass and ceramics, plastics and rubber, pulp, paper and textiles; chemical and pharmaceutical companies; building and construction projects, including heating, ventilation and air-con suppliers; businesses that use ovens, furnaces and kilns and even power generation, waste and waste-water management providers.

How we do it: Our commitment to you

We’re dedicated to delivering superb quality and reliable thyristor products and an excellent customer service. In fact, we’ve even created a ‘Customer Guarantee Scheme’ – an in-house initiative which focuses our operations on giving all our customers the very best product supply, product support and communication experience.

As part of this service, we offer extended warranty opportunities, fixed pricing promises for up to three years, a product-upgrade program and very competitive pricing for multiple-product orders. In turn, we guarantee same-day or next-day delivery for products in-stock and for those that aren’t – we’ve a ten day maximum.

Our team are ready to take your initial enquiry now and offer indispensable and expert advice to help make your decision on the right product for your project. There’s no obligation, just intelligent recommendations. You can speak to them now by calling +44 1323 811100 or email us.

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